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Workshop on Gotland

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In late May, several PhD students enrolled in NRHU travelled together to Visby on Gotland to participate in the workshop on "(dis)assembling energy futures" organized by Magdalena. Gavin also came in from the UK to partake in the workshop. It was the first time Kosma and I met him in person.

Kosma and I and Isak Stoddard and Gubb Marit Stigson, two other PhD students in NRHU, presented how we would be mobilizing the concept of sociotechnical imaginaries in our respective works. Isak combines STIs with work on temporalities to better understand different temporal dimensions embedded in policies for the energy transition. Marit has developed a review paper focusing on how scale features in the research on STIs. Kosma presented his nearly finished theoretical paper seeking to bridge STIs with work on object-oriented ontologies. In my work, I combine STIs with materialities of fossil fuels and their infrastructures applied to the case study of the historical development of offshore oil and gas in the UK.

While on Gotland, we also took some time to visit the city of Visby, despite the rainy weather! We walked along the old town wall and visited the Gotland Museum, which housed a collection of Viking-era rune stones.

Photo by Alexander Craig-Thompson

From the left: Kosma, Naima, Gavin, and Magdalena.



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